Esthetician Career Paths in the Beauty Industry

Esthetician Career Paths in the Beauty Industry

Wondering if there’s a demand for estheticians? Absolutely! You’ve chosen an ideal time to launch your career. The Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipates a significant expansion in beauty industry employment by 2030, positioning you ahead in this flourishing sector in the beauty industry.

Once you are a licensed esthetician, a world of opportunities unfolds before you, and many are unaware of the myriad paths available. Fear not, as we’re here to illuminate the possibilities and equip you with the best support to ensure your success.

Let’s explore the diverse avenues within esthiology with five intriguing types of estheticians:

  1. Medical Esthetician
    • Engage in medical-related esthetic services.
    • Specialize in advanced procedures like hair removal and eyelash extensions.
    • Work in medical spas offering treatments for sun damage, varicose veins, and intense skin therapies.
  2. Makeup Artist
    • Tailor makeup application to your client’s unique skin type and facial structure.
    • Offer makeup services and provide lessons on application.
    • Often self-employed, establishing a personal brand and clientele.
  3. Eyelash and/or Eyebrow Technician
    • Craft longer, fuller eyelashes as an eyelash technician.
    • Manicure eyebrows with various techniques, including threading, waxing, and shaping.
    • Explore advanced skills like microblading for a “permanent” makeup solution.
  4. Salon or Spa Esthetician/Manager
    • Provide a range of spa services, from facials to dermatology treatments.
    • Perform minimally invasive skincare treatments and manage other estheticians.
    • Progress to a managerial role, overseeing the salon or spa’s operations.
  5. Esthetics Instructor
    • Teach esthetic services to aspiring professionals.
    • Complete an esthetics program and pass a licensing exam to become certified.
    • Shape the next generation of estheticians while becoming an expert in your field.

As an esthetician, you become a part of your clients’ most magical moments. From preparing for weddings to special ceremonies, you forge strong relationships, leaving each client feeling happier and more confident than when they first sat in your chair. The beauty industry is not just a career; it’s a profoundly rewarding journey that shows no signs of fading, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Embrace the beauty of your newfound profession!

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